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Prooflike Toned Morgan


"Marmalade Mirrors"


Prooflike - PCGS MS64 PL - “Marmalade Mirrors”

This coin is absolutely amazing. The color is perhaps even more characteristic of tissue paper toning than burlap bag toning, as the entire obverse is covered with glowing variegated colors while the entire reverse is toned a delicate blue. Toned prooflike coins are extremely rare on their own, but they are even more difficult to find with color on both sides. It wasn’t uncommon for prooflike coins to be stored in tissue paper in order to preserve the mirrors and keep dust and other stray particles away from the surfaces of the coin. This one has a mix of every color in the rainbow flowing across the obverse in beautiful patterns, almost like a multi-colored marmaladehence the name Marmalade Mirrors. The first time I laid hands on the coin and tilted it in the light, I was absolutely awestruck at how phenomenally beautiful it is.

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