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This site's creator has been a collector of coins since age 8, but became far more serious about the hobby when he was 12 by starting JM Coins and Bullion. A couple years later, he was introduced to toned Morgan Dollars and immediately fell in love with the collecting niche.


During the summer of 2018, he decided to build a collection of toned Morgan Dollars that would serve as an educational piece to other collectors about the different kinds of toning that can be found on Morgans. As a group of 20 coins, the Across the Spectrum Collection showcases twenty different types of toning, from bag toners to album toners to a set of monochromatically toned coins.


In April of 2019, he decided to build a website dedicated to the art of toning in order to help educate both new collectors to the hobby and even seasoned veterans about the phenomenon. He also set out to compile the largest gallery of toned coins anywhere in the world for collectors to view all in one place, consisting of incredible coins from world-class collections.

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