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Dancing on Rainbows: A Celebration of Numismatic Art

By Roy. G. Biv

Coin collectors have collected toned coins for years, but the popularity of rainbow-toned coins is a relatively recent phenomenon. This book is a carefully curated sampling of some of the finest rainbow-toned coins that have come on the market in recent years.

Glowing neon colors; “Lucky Charms” colors; peacock colors; pastel colors; thick, “heavy” colors; banded rainbow colors; crescent-shaped, double crescent-shaped and arch-shaped colors and more . . . All are gathered together here for your enjoyment. While these coins are each one-of-a-kind due to their unique toning, what they do have in common, with only a few exceptions, is that they are all either rainbow-toned or “monster”-toned U.S. coins. These naturally toned coins are all works of art—nature’s art.



Chapter 1: Morgan Dollars - Obverse toned

Chapter 2: Morgan Dollars - Reverse toned

Chapter 3: Eisenhower Dollars

Chapter 4: American Silver Eagles

Chapter 5: Other U.S. Coins and Medals

Dancing on Rainbows: A Celebration of Numismatic Art

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