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Multiple Crescent Toned Morgan


"Curtain Call"

1885 O PCGS MS65+ (Obverse) - Double-Cre
1885 O PCGS MS65+ (Reverse) - Double-Cre

Multiple Crescent - PCGS MS65+ - “Curtain Call”

Here is a perfect example of how other coins on the surface of this one created a beautiful and highly desirable pattern. Crescents on a coin are caused by the presence of a separate coin (or coins) blocking the sulfur from a bank bag from reaching a certain portion of the coin’s surface. Multiple crescents are far scarcer to find on a Morgan than a single crescent is, and this coin in particular also has highly desirable and bright colors. The entire spectrum of the rainbow flows across this gorgeous coin, and two crescents peak at the top of the coin to form a very cool pattern. This coin is an absolutely beauty.

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