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Double-Sided Textile Toned Morgan


"Rainbow Royalty"


Double-Sided Textile - PCGS MS64 - “Rainbow Royalty”

This coin is the only one that I personally have ever seen exhibiting textile patterns on both sides. This phenomenon is so rare because the coin had to have either sat in a fold within a bank bag, or the bag had to have been moved at some point, causing the coin to flip onto the other side and resume the toning process. This latter possibility is the most likely cause of double-sided textile toning on this particular coin because of the colors seen on one side versus the other. On the obverse, beautiful blues and a fiery orange envelope the coincolors that are characteristic of the second toning cycle. The reverse, on the other hand, is covered with deep magenta and neon shades of blue, green, and fuchsiacolors one would expect to see in the fourth cycle of toning. This means that this particular coin started out toning on the reverse and eventually got flipped in the bag onto the obverse, which began its toning cycle as the reverse continued to tone. This is purely speculation, but perhaps it was the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 that flipped the coin over, as the time period would make sense given when this coin was minted and how long the toning process usually takes, and the fact that the coin was minted in San Francisco. How cool is that!

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