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Learn about the history of Morgan Dollars, how they developed stunning rainbow toning, ways to distinguish between natural and artificial toning, the physics behind the colors you see, what makes toned Morgans valuable and how to price them, and much more!

Welcome to Monster Toning

If you love toned Morgan Dollars or are simply interested in learning about toning and viewing a largest gallery of toned Morgans in the world, you've come to the right place! Thanks for visiting!


Shop at the Monster Toning store for spectacular examples of toned Morgan Dollars that you can purchase for your own collection! Enjoy beautiful images, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and quality coins that are a perfect fit for any toned Morgan enthusiast.


View the largest online gallery of incredibly toned Morgan Dollars that come from world class collections around the world!


View a gallery of coins in my personal collection, Across the Spectrum. This set was designed to be an educational piece about the various types of toning that toned Morgan Dollars exhibit, and features some amazing Morgans!


Have any comments, questions, or suggestions? Don't hesitate to let us know!


This site was created to not only showcase toned Morgan Dollars, but to educate new collectors and toning enthusiasts alike about these wild colors. Interested in learning more? Click below!

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